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Versova Beach

Versova Beach, Versova, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

The Versova beach faces the Arabian Sea. A large population of Mumbai’s fishing community, the Kolis, reside at one end of Versova beach.Fishing is the main industry in this area.

Unlike the Marine Drive, which is guarded by tetrapods, Versova beach uses massive rocks to buffer the buildings from the waves. During high tide, the entire beach goes under water, hence there are no permanent structures on the beach, nor any legal inhabitants.

Over the past few years, there have been attempts by local citizens and the BMC to improve the condition of the beach. The Save Versova Beach Association was formed for the purpose, but the beach still lacks basic facilities such as lifeguards, which are critical considering the treacherous waters.


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Versova Beach, Versova, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

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