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Shirdi Temple, Shirdi, Maharashtra, India

Shirdi is a small village in Maharashtra which has the most famous temple of Saibaba and is called Shirdi Saibaba temple. There is huge following of Saibaba from various parts of the country who visit the temple and stand in long queues for Saibaba’s blessings.

It’s history goes back to 18th century when Saibaba was a young,quite and a very humble man who moved to Shirdi village and stayed in a mosque. He wouldn’t talk much to the villagers but the villagers were curious to know about this silent young man. Gradually, villagers started offering food to him though he never asked anything from them. Sometimes he shared his food with the animals. Soon, the villagers came to know he wasn’t any ordinary man as he had a great understanding of humanity and problem solving capabilities of the needy and poor. The villagers started listening to him and with word of mouth his popularity grew so much that people would stream into Shirdi from outer villages to discuss and get a problem of their solution. Sai baba was worshiped like a saint and would give long speeches to people about humanity and taught them to grow closer God. He wasn’t a follower or preacher of any particular religion or tradition.

Duration from Mumbai : 4hrs(Approx)

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Shirdi Temple, Shirdi, Maharashtra, India

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