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Mulshi, Maharashtra, India

Camping at Mulshi is serene enough to calm your heart to the beats of nature. There are resorts spread across as far as 3.5 acres, all of which proudly host camping for their guests. Under the star-studded sky, clear air and breathtaking scenic, one will surely find heaven. The valleys, the rivers, the greenery, nature’s elements which unite together and reveal a divine scenery. Along with camping, one can indulge in equally exciting activities like fishing, bird-watching, farm tours, Bullock riding and a tractor drive. Just 170 Km from Mumbai, near the Mula Dam. Mulshi is very close to Lonavala, a yet another iconic tourist attraction around Mumbai.

  • Duration of Journey: 3 hours 30 mins (approx)


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Mulshi, Maharashtra, India

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