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Haji Ali, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
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Haji Ali Dargah is a Dargah and mosque which was built in 1431 around the tomb of Peer Haji Ali Shah Bukhari. He was a wealthy businessman who left all his possessions for pilgrimage to Mecca . After travelling around the world, he settled in Mumbai. After his long illness, the saint had directed his followers to cast his coffin in Arabian Sea. He died during his journey to Mecca and the miracle happened when the casket carrying Peer’s body  floated to the shores of Worli where the Dargah was constructed later.

Shrine of the Peer Haji Ali Shah Bukhari is located on an islet off the coast of Worli is a popular tourist attraction. It is one of the recognizable landmarks of Mumbai. A small 500 m narrow street leads to the Dargah, in the middle of the sea. Tourists, irrespective of their religion, stopover this 600-year-old Shrine at least once and seek blessings from the Legendary Saint.

Thursdays and Fridays are the days when the shrine is visited most and Qawwalis are performed at Dargah.

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Haji Ali, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

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