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Colaba Causeway, Badhwar Park, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

With the prominent Gateway of India and Taj Mahal Palace & Tower in the neighborhood, Colaba Causeway never feels empty. Hordes of tourists, shoppers and bookworms invade this gem for their wants. Colaba Causeway bargains jewelry, apparels, shoes, books, and handicrafts.

Today, Colaba Causeway is also known as the “Cultural Square” of Mumbai with well-known buildings like National Gallery of Modern Art, Prince Wales Museum, Regla cinema, David Sasson Library and Jehangir Art Gallery around this area. Not only the market but also the streets are jam-packed with sellers offering shawls, small antiques, handcrafted show-pieces and budding artists selling their artworks.

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Colaba Causeway, Badhwar Park, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

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