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Single on Valentine’s day? Here is the Perfect Valentine’s Day Plan for you


February is approaching and so is Valentine’s Day. Couples have started  V-day planning well in advance to have a perfect Valentine’s date.


Do you feel sorry for yourself because your status is still single?


Not really, right? Because being single is not the end of the World. Single people know that one needs to love and respect oneself before loving anyone else in life.


Gone are the days when singles felt disappointed and sorry for their status. They are the perfect examples for others because they don’t need another person or need to be in a relationship to celebrate life. Well, they do celebrate a Self Awareness(Appreciation) Day(SAD) also known as Anti Valentine’s Day. It’s their message to the world that they are happy without a partner.


The most profound relationship is what you have with yourself. Today few things are crystal clear that


  • Being Single is just a status not a destiny.
  • Being Single doesn’t mean no one wants you. It simply means that GOD is writing your Love story.
  • Being Single is not your misfortune but it is your choice and your decision.
  • Being Single doesn’t mean you don’t know anything about love, it just means that you know enough to wait for it.
  • Being Single is smarter than being in a wrong relationship.



Five ideas for singles on how to celebrate this day being in Mumbai


1) Spend a day alone at the beach




Leave early from office and go to the beach. Enjoy the sun setting, sitting and watching the waves of the sea. Forget everything, take a deep breath and be in the moment. It’s going to be an awesome experience.


2) Buy Valentine’s Day gifts for yourself or friends




Buy gifts(chocolates, flowers, teddy-bears, balloons or the most expensive gift) for yourself or your buddies or parents. It’s better to buy them before Valentine s Day because the rates will be very high on that day and you can be at least reasonable because parents or buddies never expect expensive gifts.


3) Party with all the Singles you know




While couples are busy with their Valentines Day plans, you take initiative in planning a party with your single friends. Involve everyone in your plans and arrange a big bash to enjoy. Trust us, you will have a better time than all the couples.


4) Take Parents out for Dinner




Take your parents out for dinner because they deserve your love and affection more than anyone else. Go through the old memory lanes and refresh your childhood memories with them. Please book your table before hand. If your parents are out of town, then plan a visit to an old relative. They will be very delighted to see you.


 5) You can also plan a visit to spa, parlour, movie, book-store, anything which gives you contentment and joy should be considered.




Whatever you do, don’t forget to click the pictures and post them on the social networking sites 😉


Do remember, the only reason for your happiness is YOU !!!  


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Author:Priyanka Vasudeva

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