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Top 10 Maharashtrian(मराठी) Foods of Mumbai you should never Miss


1) Vada Pav

The most popular breakfast snack of Maharashtra. Spicy potato deep fried and placed inside bun(pav).


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2) Kanda Poha

Made of onion and flaked rice, mixed with chillies, potato and peanuts. Favorite among all marathi’s.


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3) Sabudana Vada

Made of sago , deep fried


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4) Misal Pav

A yummy style of having pav anytime in a day with different gravy mixed with a lot of snacks and gram(daal).


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5) Pooran Poli

Whole wheat bread with a sweet filling is made during festivals.


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6) Modak

A sweet dish specially prepared during Ganpati festival as it was the favorite of Ganpati.


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7) Thalipeeth

Deep fried indian bread made of gram flour, rice flour, wheat flour and mixed with lot of spices, onion, cilantro.


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8) Bombay Sandwich

White bread toasted in butter with thin slices of beetroot, boiled potatoes, cucumbers, tomatoes, onion rings, and mint chutney.


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9) Pav Bhaji

Mumbai’s best mouth watering street food

Sardar pav bhaji 2



10) Ragda Patties

Potato balls mixed with chickpeas prepared with onions and spices.


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