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#SaveMumbaiTrees: A New Campaign for Saving Trees and maintaining green cover in the city


There has been continuous depletion of green cover in the Mumbai city. Witnessing that some environment enthusiasts have started a new campaign called #SaveMumbaiTrees, aimed at saving trees from concretisation. The campaign, started by NGO ‘Lets Green Foundation’ is an initiative to make people aware about protecting the trees of Mumbai from the apparent facade of concretisation.

Often you come across trees with their base surrounded by concrete or plaster on paver blocks and roads. To some onlookers, it may not matter at all and to some it may even look cleaner but time and again, these concretised or plastered surfaces have proved fatal for trees. Concrete and plaster around the trees fails water to seep in and trees to breathe resulting in many trees dying in the city.

There is a law for keeping a 6×6 feet area free around every tree during construction of roads, but it is not being implemented by the authorities. This campaign reinforces that law of NGT (National Green Tribunal) and urges the government and respective bodies to bring awareness among people.


How can you save a tree?
The campaign aims to promote tree conservation by creating awareness among the citizens and government authorities. One is supposed to paste a poster on a tree drying from the prolonged concretisation. This may attract attention of BMC and its Tree Authority to act on this issue.

“Whenever someone comes across a dried tree, one can go to the nearest authority and show them the government’s notice and guidelines. For people’s convenience we have posted it on our Facebook page, ‘Lets Green Foundation’,” added Subhajit Mukherjee Secretary of the Foundation.

“One may also take pictures of such trees and post it on our Facebook page #SaveMumbaiTrees so that the NGO can take it up with the authorities,” he added further.




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