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Mumbai formerly called ‘Bombay’ is a city of artists, dreamers, starlets, workers, billionaires and slums. The financial capital of India and capital of Maharashtra, Mumbai is also Entertainment and Fashion hub of India.

It is compared to New York city for its fast paced life. The endless list of opportunities in Mumbai attracts people to this city. Literacy, business services and  employment makes it the busiest city. Mumbai is most famous for Bollywood (Hindi Film Industry) the place that attracts talent and gives opportunities to artists from various fields. Mumbaikars(referred to people staying in Mumbai city) have a very lively life owing to its culture, growth and innovation.

With a lot of technological and urban growth in India, Mumbai city has seen tremendous growth in its population too. People keep moving in from other parts of India to Mumbai City for its higher employment rate. Mumbai is the most populated city of India, with a population estimated to be over 22 million as of 2016.

People living in Mumbai have to travel longer distances as its the largest city of India. Traffic being a big hindrance owing to the crowds like New York, people can be seen using public transportation systems, metros and monorails(introduced in 2014).

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The city that has a beautiful history well maintained in its architecture(South Mumbai), rich cultural background(temples,churches,mosques,etc) and where rich businesses have added urbanization in its structure through skyscrapers, malls, multiplexes, etc is in the must visit place for tourists.


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