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Lessons Every Mumbaikar Inevitably Learns the Hard Way


Mumbai toughens you up, bombards you with culture and maybe makes you the tiniest bit impatient.


1) When you plan to visit Juhu or Chowpatty Beach to relax








2) You know that one friend you keep saying you’ll meet up with, who lives on the other side of the city, 90 minutes and three transfers away? Yeah, it’s never gonna happen. RIP, friendship.





3) Being pregnant, wearing a cast or carrying five shopping bags, sadly, does not guarantee you a seat on a Mumbai local train.

Mumbai local is an adventure in itself.




4) That Puddle Splash situation during rainy season. Gross!!



Puddles that look shallow are actually super deep





5) Learn how to walk.  Fast.

If you want to make it in Mumbai city, you’re going to have to learn how to walk like a true Mumbaikar. All that really involves is picking up your pace. That being said, wear comfortable shoes.






6) Partying in Mumbai is like going to a watering hole filled with beautiful single people who suffer from amnesia the next day. Don’t go to a Mumbai club or lounge and expect to leave with life long friends.




8) Avoid the empty local train at all costs.



Be yourself, and dream big.

That’s the only way to survive in this city. There are millions of people here, so embrace your individuality and you’ll learn new things. Being in Mumbai is an adventure in itself. You’ll constantly find that even the smallest things will inspire and guide you along the right path.



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