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Hindi Medium For Celebs And Expats


Mumbai is fast growing into a metropolitan city where more and more expatriates are being relocated. While they are here for an assignment for a company, they also are here to challenge and acclimate themselves to a completely foreign environment. Among other hurdles like climate, figuring out the daily routine – the biggest societal confrontation is – Local Language.

Fortunately we have Pallavi Singh – a young entrepreneur from Delhi helping expats in Mumbai dive into the culture and understand its idiosyncratic nuance(s) through the means of enabling language skills.

She has taught each kind, from Bollywood backdrop dancers and models to students, official diplomats and foreigners married to Indians. Her proud celebrity additions to the list are William Dalrymple, Jacqueline Fernandez , Natalie Di Luccio, Lucinda Nicholas & Lisa Ray.


jac_pal                                                                         With Jacqueline Fernandez


She also has been a speaker at TEDx talking about Language serving as a Social Inclusion Tool and is the youngest ever to be interviewed by Parliament of India at Rajya Sabha TV.

pallavi_lisa                                                                With Lisa Ray

MumbaiGo: So what is the hardest part about learning Hindi?


Pallavi : I think really the time gap between when you start to first learn Hindi and then when you can eventually actually say something to someone. Getting all the grammar down, the structure sorted and then cultivate your speaking skills – that is daunting for many as it requires consistent follow-up and practice. “Language Acquisition” as they say is not the fastest process ever.


MumbaiGo: Wow! Sounds intense! So no chance for the slacking last-benchers?


Pallavi : Ha! Everyone has a shot – the good thing is – Hindi uses a lot of contemporary English words – so even if you learn a few rules here and there and take casual jabs at it – people tend to understand.


MumbaiGo: Any interesting incidences?


Pallavi : Oh ! Far too many! People burst out laughing and are astonished when my students order food in Hindi or give directions in a Rickshaw. I remember one of my French students told me how she finally understood what her colleagues are saying and then later she found out one of her colleagues liked her .. then another one of my British students finally made the connection between the Horse logo at the “Kaala Ghoda Arts Festival”.. hearing about these small epiphanies, revelations, discoveries is what makes my day! To have helped someone put together a puzzle of their “Indian Life” is extremely gratifying.


Pallavi Singh has devised a proprietary module of 25 hours after which one is good to hold a decent conversation in Hindi on the street. Her website gives more insights. Fun fact : She has 75+ features to her name across various popular media website including BBC Hindi, Outlook India, Asian Age, Hindustan Times.


Need H .. H .. Help? In H..H.. Hindi?

 Sounds like Pallavi knows what she is doing – you can call her at +91 976.902.1595 or connect with her business on Facebook




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