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Human Library Mumbai: Instead of Books Meet/Read A Library of People And Engage In Conversation


The Human Library Mumbai (HLM) passionately wants to get people of the ‘City of Dreams’ engaging in conversation with each other. Everyone has a Story, either to tell or to listen to.
HLM works towards creating personal dialogue between a ‘BOOK’ and a ‘READER’. Live the experience of listening to someone’s life story first hand.


Real People Real Conversations


The Human Library is a revolutionary movement originated in Denmark and now has presence in more than 70 countries. It is a place where real people are on loan to readers and where difficult questions are expected, appreciated and answered.


You can walk in for free as a reader and check out one of  the live human books for a one on one “reading experience”.


Mumbaikars who want to be human books can enroll through a form, the idea is to break the silence at the Human Library where stories are meant to unfold and readers can have one on one question-answer session for a 30 minute. You can choose different human books that don’t have titles but have different stories to narrate, it can vary from a dabbawala, to a grocery store owner or an overweight, married, Muslim woman who has defied odds to become a plus-sized model. Read Human books from different backgrounds and experiences and learn from them.




Human Library Mumbai’ has recently started its chapter in the city, and is going to host regular events once every month in the city at different public spaces. Their first ever event is taking place on May 28 from 4pm–7pm at Title Waves, the boutique bookshop in Bandra. For details : Facebook



Borrow a ‘Book’ or become a ‘Reader’. We all just need someone to listen to us and be a witness to our story. Every Human is a STORY.



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