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How to Deal with SMONDAY? Beat the Sunday Blues following any of these…….


7 PM of every other day is just the start of an evening routine, but if it’s 7 PM of Sunday, then it’s not a normal evening but the time of extreme anxiety about Monday called the Monday blues. And for this a new term SMONDAY has been introduced in urban dictionary.

SMONDAY  is when Sunday stops feeling like a Sunday and the anxiety of Monday kicks in.

It is an acute condition mostly affecting 9-5 office workers and students. This condition is characterized by anxiety about the week ahead and a sense of helplessness and depression. It most often occurs on Sunday afternoon and evening.

People often say that dealing with Monday is easy but SMONDAY kills.

How to deal with SMONDAY :

1. Plan Fun Group Activities and Go out on Sunday Evening : Don’t be at home on Sunday evening, cutting your weekend short. Typically, we schedule fun/group activities on Saturday and obligation activities on Sunday like doing grocery etc. In order to avoid SMONDAY, plan otherwise.

It’s okay to watch a movie at home but feeling of depression is most common when people are not active.


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2. Yoga is the solution to all kind of problems whether it is a physical problem or problem related with mind. Do exercise on Saturday and Sunday to avoid any kind of anxiety on Sunday evening.


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3. Pre-Plan Monday on Friday itself : Spend 15-20 minutes and create a To-Do list on Friday for the tasks that you need to do on Monday. Put necessary files front and center, setup meeting reminders. It will help reducing the depression on Sunday evenings. And you can have a relaxed weekend.


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4. Reading, Writing or Some hobby that keeps your brain busy: Voluntarily doing Office Work on Sunday sometimes it is seems a good idea to work for an hour on Sunday so that you are not slammed on Monday but don’t make it a habit for every Sunday. Instead do creative work (Writing, Side job, etc.) It will give you immense pleasure and release the anxiety of Sunday Blues.


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5. Make a Plan in the middle of the week: Be ready with your mid-week plan. It can be going out for dinner with one of your friend/family or going for a movie, etc. Sometimes that same weekly routine takes a toll on your brain which you won’t even know until the next Monday arrives, so break the monotony in the middle and do something different, it’s definitely a re-energizer.


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Author : Priyanka Vasudeva

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