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India’s Film Industry is the most popular form of entertainment for Indians. “Bollywood” is name for the largest Hindi entertainment industry which resides in Mumbai. The most famous service provider in Mumbai is Cinema. Although there are different regions and languages in which films are produced but Bollywood has the most influence. Bollywood is a tradition among Indians, with every new film released its followed from its fashion to dance moves to its songs , which becomes a latest trend and obsession with Indians.

Mumbai, where hindi films are shot has some of the most famous film studios. The biggest business of city gives many budding artists a place to come in to try their luck which makes Mumbai a city of hopes and dreams.

There are numerous events happening in Mumbai everyday in the form of arts, theater shows, film premiers, dance concerts, singing concerts, auditions and the list is endless. Bollywood makes Mumbai a city of billionaires. Famous film actors, producers and directors who are idolized are the elite class of Mumbai. The areas where they reside are the costliest in Mumbai. Owing to film industry and increasing population the property rates in Mumbai are sky high.





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