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Bhelpuri: Flavor of the Beach and Best Places to Eat Bhel in Mumbai


Bhelpuri a savoury snack, originated in café and street food stalls of Mumbai is identified with the beaches of Mumbai. Visit to the beach is incomplete if you don’t have a Bhel paper cone filled in your hand while strolling.

Bhelpuri is made of puffed rice, sev, vegetables (such as onion and tomato, boiled potato) and spicy tamarind sauce. You can customize it by adding or removing any ingredient. It is served in paper cones made up of newspaper/magazine papers, so that one can move along the sea shore and enjoy it. The noise of waves enhances the taste of Bhelpuri.

The snack has immense popularity all over India that it has to be part of our films and a bollywood song has specifically mentioned Bhel in its lyrics:


Bhelpuri is available in almost all street food stalls in Mumbai. It is a quickly prepared snack available at a very reasonable rate – 20 to 30 INR. Countless shops for only Bhelpuri are also opened in Mumbai which consider Bhelpuri as their specialty.

After seeing its popularity, many companies have introduced their own brands of Bhelpuri which is a huge success. People living far from Mumbai can also enjoy the taste of Bhel.

Try these local food stalls for Mumbai Bhel : List of best street food stalls or enjoy Bhel at Haldiram Bhel


Best beaches to visit that has the best bhel centers:


Chowpatty Beach

Juhu Beach


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