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These Mumbai Teens Inspire by Raising Rs.15 lac through a Musical Concert for Welfare of Stray Dogs


Mahi Ghia, a class 12 student of DSB International School in Mumbai and a student of music since she was four showed an amazing initiative by bringing her friends together to play in a musical concert for the benefits of Stray Dogs. The music concert held at at Cafe Zoe to benefit “Welfare of Stray Dogs” , an NGO that works towards caring of stray dogs by providing healthcare, sterilisation, adoption, first-aid, impacting over 1,30,000 strays so far.




“Last year, when I volunteered with WSD and worked at their kennels in Mahalaxmi, I knew I wanted to do something more to help the dogs. While discussing this with mum, dad and my brother, we hit upon the idea of holding a charity concert,” she told while talking to Huffing Post.


Along with her friends and family Mahi decided to put up a musical concert for raising money. Their determination and faith helped them organize the entire music concert that they named ‘Paws & Play’ with a ticket price of Rs 500. They had no idea how much money they would be able to raise. But their hard work paid off all the tickets were sold out in no time and some parents were generous enough to make donations at the top and ended up raising Rs 15 lac for her love towards animals.

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