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Mumbaikars Catch a glimpse of Winters and Flaunt their Woolies, Which they can Barely Do


With temperature falling to 14.4 degree C Mumbaikars shiver. They come out with their Boots, Caps and Hoodies on and take selfies in the sun, though their armpits sweat.

Winter actually is peek-a-boo play in Mumbai, you can feel it early morning or when you are under the shade(away from sun). It has decreased the air quality levels due to pollution. But one must always see the positive side and hence enjoy this brief winter season of Mumbai City. Enjoy visits outside under the sun or not so sunny . And oh, don’t forget to carry your colorful scarfs, coats and selfies ;).

Recently when winters started in North India and Mumbaikars felt a little wind there was a round of tweets made by Mumbaikar and comedian Rohan Joshi, here you go enjoy the jokes:

“Nothing is wet, it’s slightly cool early in the mornings and also whenever one is in the shade. Congratulations Mumbai, “winter” is here,” he tweeted  “Bombay needs a new, unique name for the final season of the year because it isn’t really winter. If winter is a dump, what we get is a far,” he tweeted again. And the response he got is hilarious:


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