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Mumbai Restaurants Offered Discounts to People Who Voted in BMC Polls


Among 7,000 Mumbai hotels, pubs and bars offered discounts to people who voted and came in with inked fingers on Tuesday. This initiative was taken up by the organisation Indian Hotel And Restaurant Association (AHAR) in association with the Election Commission of India, to encourage people to vote.

Association President (AHAR) Adarsh Shetty said,”We have noticed that Mumbaikars are generally not very responsive during elections, the same attitude was witnessed in the 2014 Lok Sabha and Maharashtra assembly elections”.

The participating member-restaurants included small eateries, family joints, bars or pubs (though it was a dry day, food was served), fine-diners and even starred hotels.

Mumbaikars who skipped elections in previous years have not contributed to polls. This unique initiative was taken and offers were given out to improve the turnout.



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