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Inspiring Success Story, Mumbai: Auto Driver’s Daughter Cracks CA Finals


Twenty-five-year-old Steffi Pareira cracked the CA final exams that she was struggling to achieve for the last two years. Francis, her father has been driving an autorickshaw for a living and mother Meena works as a domestic help in nearby societies so that the family doesn’t have to struggle to make ends meet. Steffi’s family includes her parents and elder sister Anita who is an interior designer. The family stays in a small rented apartment of an SRA building in Ghatkopar’s Laxmi Nagar, Mumbai.

After clearing the Common Proficiency Test (CPT) and Integrated Professional Competence Course (IPCC) she hoped to clear the finals in the first attempt. While she cleared the first group in November 2014, she missed the second group by a few points. The fate repeated for the next two years as she failed to.

“I was disappointed. It was frustrating on many levels. On one side, I was beginning to question my own ability while on the other I could not see my family sacrificing so much just to keep my motivation up all the time. It was high time I delivered something,” she added.

Francis said that he was willing to work hard to be able to afford her education. “I have studied only till class ten. But I wanted my daughter to aim for big. We needed a lot of funds to be able to pay the college fees and later the tuition expenses, but we somehow managed. For us, our daughter’s education was the topmost priority,” said Francis who often paid the tuition fees in installments. Ajay Bagal, who taught Steffi while in school said that Francis and his family has contributed immensely to Steffi’s success. “He would sometimes pay the tuition fees in notes of 10 and 20 rupees, that he got from his earnings,” he added.

Her mother Meena said that when Steffi appeared for the exams in November 2016, the family did everything it could, from giving her the best environment to study to praying for her success every day. “It was her father’s dream and she worked really hard towards it. We are happy for her success and are now looking forward to having a more stable life,” she added.

Steffi said that she studied for over 13 hours every day this time and would travel to a small library in Thane. “I consulted lot of people including a few friends who are CAs and my teachers and devised an exam strategy. Thankfully it worked.” Steffi has started her own tax consultancy and is now looking forward to expanding it.



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