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Gratifying 2017 Resolution: Mumbai Doctor vowed to treat all elderly patients absolutely free


36 year old Dr. Dheeraj V. Mulchandani, who is a father of 2 kids and a general surgeon practitioner in Colaba has promised to give his time, attention and care to all elderly citizens above 70 years old for free. Having witnessed a number incidents in his own clinic moved him so much to take this decision.

An old woman walking in his office just wanted someone to talk to her and hear her problems, all she wanted was some kind words, love and patience from the Doctor. Another elderly woman abandoned by her family was not treating herself properly fearing she would run out of the little money she had. These incidents and the fact that Dr. Dheeraj’s own mother who suffers from chronic back pain and needs regular time and attention from family made him care for elderly patients even more.

Dr. Dheeraj firmly believes his act of compassion will inspire many to make his profession honorable and better.

“I am a general surgeon but I will help in all general illnesses that a general physician would otherwise treat, as well as any surgical consultation if required would be free. Of course, I won’t be able to offer surgery free, but minor procedures, if feasible at the clinic itself, would be possible,” Dr. Mulchandani told

Those interested can visit his clinic at A-7, Sangam Bhavan, Ground Floor, opp. Strand Cinema, Colaba, Mumbai 400005.

“The timings are 6:00 pm to 8:30 pm. My distinguished seniors can walk in anytime. There is no restricted time for them,” he said.

These kind of stories should be made Viral to send message across millions in India. Proud Mumbaikars.


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