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Music Under The Stars

Artists: Nush Lewis, Bryan Ernest, Spud in the Box, Nicolette
Bands on 21st Jan : Nush Lewis, Bryan Ernest
Bands on 28th Jan : Spud in the Box, Nicolette

Music Nights at BandCamp is their own little way of taking you out of the city hustle on a Saturday night and experience great live music in the middle of nature. There is a naturally sculpted amphitheater at the campsite that serves as the perfect spot to lay back and count stars while listening to the bands play your favorite tunes. The music ranges from indie, blues, to rock and pop.

There will also be bonfires, a barbeque, long walks, and some great food! The campsite has huge grounds and they’ve added hammocks, books, and games to ensure that there is something for everyone.

About the site:
A stone’s throw away from the city (clock says 60 mins!), BandCamp is located off Gorai beach. The layout is such that you can enjoy nature and have your privacy even though it’s a bustling campsite. Expect tents, sleeping bags and camping goodies, unwind in the main area or walk around the fishing village down to the sea anytime.

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