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EIC All Stars

Artists: East India Comedy
Keeping this a secret has been hard, but it’s finally time. EIC’s biggest YouTube property is going live! EIC Outrage will make its stage debut as part of the EIC All-Stars tour. It’s a brand new show, filled with geeky statistics, crazy news debates, well-researched content and of course, jokes. All the ingredients that have made outrage all the rage on the internet, with over 12 million views.
And that’s just half of the show.

Also part of the All-Stars tour, EIC vs Bollywood returns, bigger and better than last year. Seven comics on stage means seven times the craziness. They’ll be smacking Bollywood to Mohenjodaro and back – complete with stand-up, songs, severe celeb bashing, and the general juvenility that made last year’s EIC vs Bollywood such a huge success with 20 sold out shows and 7 million views.

Sun 22 Jan, 03:00 PM,Sun 22 Jan, 07:00 PM,Mon 23 Jan, 07:00 PM
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