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Do You Know Why Maharashtra Day is Celebrated on May 1?


56 years ago, May 1 was the day when the state of Maharashtra as we know it today was formed.

Earlier, Bombay State was separate and consisted of equal number of Maharashtrians (Marathi-speaking) and Gujaratis. In the mid-1950s, a regional movement known as the Samyukta Maharashtra Andolan started agitations, demanding a separate Marathi-speaking state.

A new state of Maharashtra was formed on May 1, 1960 after the movement dividing the multilingual state of Bombay into Gujarat and Maharashtra, with Bombay (Mumbai) as capital of Maharashtra. Hence, May 1 is celebrated as Maharashtra Day.

Maharashtra is the third largest state by area in India.

Every year a parade is held at Shivaji Park to celebrate Maharashtra Day.

Shivaji Park


All private wine shops and liquor shops will be shut during this day in Mumbai. However, all high-end pubs, bars and hotels in Mumbai and other metropolitan cities have the license to serve liquor on dry days as well.


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Devendra Fadnavis will interact with youths on Maharashtra day for ‘Vision Maharashtra 2025.’


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