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Christmas Celebrations Mumbai


Carefully read the Santa Claus’s letter for Mumbai

Christmas is just around the corner, and that means Santa Claus has a lot of hustle to do, as we all know ‘Sweet is the fruit of Hard work.’ This festival symbolizes the birth of the Jesus Christ and it is celebrated widely and vividly far and wide. Christmas brings along a ton of delight and fortune into our lives. With same enthusiasm and excitement, we welcome the fiesta every year. Billions of people, all around the world wait for Santa’s magical appearance, which he never does. Though, that doesn’t sadden us, humans, does it? Sadly, Santa is sorry that he couldn’t visit us this year too, but he dropped us a mail exclusive for Mumbai. Maybe he has a present for us, who knows? But, before you start reading the letter straight up greedily, you’ll have to wait for 10 minutes for no reason, inhale heavily and then scroll down.


From Santa,

To my lovers,


“HoHoHo, Hello My Dear, Santa Claus here. I’m sorry I couldn’t come this year, but my message to you is very clear; just grab that beer and get that old rocking chair. We’ll go on a quick trip to Mumbai on my reindeer. Let me show you the best parties and events very premier, not to forget the finest venues for carols very near. I promise, the joy is sheer, and you’ll be happier.


*These are the best places for the Christmas Eve*


#1 Mount Mary’s Basilica

You will be amazed to know why I chose Mount Mary’s Basilica in my list because is holds the biggest midnight (pay precise attention to the ‘midnight’) mass of this City. The Cathedral locates onto a hill in Bandra and is a 100 years old. The harmonious carols commence when the clock hits 11:30 Pm and in a little while follows the mass. Be sure to get here before 11, why? Hordes of people rush here for the festivities.

*The best parties and events for the Christmas Eve*

#2 Adlabs Imagica Winter Parade

Tots to Old age, Imagica has something for everyone. Christmas celebrations will be so much fun when children are a part of the Tubby’s secret party. I’ve asked Tubby to serve snacks, play good music and moreover, keep the little ones safe. Meanwhile, adults can declare war on each other in the battlefield of indoor snow park. For the finale, be a part of the Grand Imagica Winter Parade and complete the Christmas Eve with hundreds of priceless memories. Oh, here you can even click selfies with my look alike.


#3 SnowWorld

Can you come to the Antarctica this Christmas, so that we could possibly meet? No? Then head straight out to the SnowWorld which has real snow, Ice Skating, Snow Boarding, Snow sledding, and Snowman (you can make one if there isn’t)! It is open 365 days a year and Christmas day is no exception! Slide down the icy mountains and mock friction for failing miserably, pretend to be a slothful Reindeer and your friend becomes me (Santa). But, be watchful my dearie; there are many snow villains in the SnowWorld.


#4 Palladium Mall

I still remember when I use to secretly shop at the Palladium mall for the Christmas presents. It is one of my favorite destinations, you know? It caught my interest after I glanced over its festive prep and decorations, ah, so glitzy and magnificent. It is Mumbai’s Bijou and hosts one of the most extravagant Christmas parties for all ages. Dances, songs, drinks, mouth-watering hors d’oeuvres (snacks, as you call them) and my favorite big Red Santa caps make up the party. Not to miss the arrivals of celebrities (famous human beings, they say), who ultimately bring happiness to the party. Shopping, Party and Christmas bashes at the Palladium Mall, Hurray!



My precious, I wish I could explain to you how much I love carols. The jingles, delightful choruses, beautiful chimes, divine tunes just make me close my eyes and swing my head to the rhythm. The most intimate experience of the mentioned sensations is at a stone’s throw. If you have wings, then fly as quickly as possible to the NCPA this Christmas to apprize the Heavenly Carols by choirs from all around the Republic of India!

Carols at NCPA


#6 Phoenix Marketcity

Christmas in reality, is incomplete without a delicious supper, don’t you agree? Phoenix Marketcity, a huge mall in the vibrant city of Mumbai is none other than a blessing. The well-known Grub Fest is underway in Phoenix Mall, dedicated to this Christmas. A troop of over 250 restaurants, famed Chefs, and world-class artisans for your entertainment. Brand new, as well as the Moguls of the field of restaurants, will showcase their handpicked meals and menus to 3 Lakh visitors. The celebration is set to kickstart 23rd of December, 2016 and will come to an end on the day of Christmas. I’ve seen something for everyone in this Fest, and I recommend my fellow admirers NOT to beyond a doubt, miss the happening!

The Grub Fest


#7 Brunch at various locations

I always advise my lovers seek an expert’s assistance when he/she cannot cook something for the feast. For example, a turkey or marzipan. Fine, I’ll help you locate these experts! Speaking of Christmas Brunch in Mumbai, there a plenty of locations to choose from. As you know, Santa only knows and suggests only the crème de la crème. Here’s a short bullet list for your reference, sweets.


  • Lotus Café, JW Mariott
  • Saffron, JW Mariott
  • The Earth Plate, Hotel Sahara Star
  • Fifty Five East Restaurant, Grand Hyatt
  • Seven Kitchen, St. Regis
  • JW Café, Sahar International Airport
  • Le Pain Quotidien, Rodas Hotel
  • Frangipani Restaurant, Trident Hotel
  • Masala Kraft, Hotel Taj Mahal
  • Sea Lounge, Hotel Taj Mahal


#8 Pubs and Bars

How could I possibly forget to write about a place to dance and have a toast? Well, I’m relieved that I didn’t miss these. To be honest, the entire letter would’ve been in vain if I, by any chance, forgot to mention what’s coming. This brief checklist of pubs and bars of Mumbai is all you need for Christmas.


  • The little door
  • Glocal Junction
  • The Fatty Bao
  • Rude Lounge
  • White Owl Brewery
  • TAP resto bar
  • Bonobo
  • Hard Rock Café
  • The Irish House
  • British Brewing Company
  • Club Alibi
  • Tryst
  • Club Royalty
  • Trilogy


Santa believes these must be just the right amount of venues you need to attend this festival.  Finally, my helpful elves have gift-wrapped the presents and the time have arrived, when I shall depart for the delivery before its too late. I wish you enjoy this Christmas till your heart’s content. My sweetheart, Santa leaves for now but promises to come again next year. Till then. Peace and Merry Christmas!!





Hey! We believe, you read what Santa had to say. Now we ask you to waste not a minute and start prepping for the Big day! We played our part, and you should too by trying out what Santa recommended. Do us a favor, would you? When asking for a present from Santa, then go a step forward and ask a few for us too.


Merry Christmas,





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